Heritage Leaflets

North Sydney has a rich social and cultural history for you to discover.

Our Heritage Leaflets, below, bring to life some of the most significant people, places and social trends in North Sydney history.

The Heritage Centre, located on the first floor of Stanton Library, produced these snapshots to alert residents and visitors to these themes.

To engage further visit the Heritage Centre today.



Heritage Leaflets

1. North Sydney's Aboriginal past (285KB)

2. Local Government comes to North Shore (167KB)

3. 150 Years of Catholic Life in Lower North Shore Parish (83KB)


5. Ivycliffe Villa (51KB)

6. Bernard Holtermann (49KB)

7. Greenwood School (101KB)

8. Luna Park (55KB)

9. Boat Building in North Sydney (54KB)

10. Conrad Martens (56KB)

11. Independent Theatre (176KB)

12. Sydney Harbour Bridge (53KB)

13. Suspension Bridge (143KB)

14. War Memorials in North Sydney (273KB)

15. The Mighty Bears (52KB)

16. St Leonards Park (75KB)

17. Warringah Expressway (54KB)

18. Waverton Park (53KB)

19. Stanton Library (159KB)

20. St Thomas Rest Park (2MB)

21. Picture Theatres (202KB)

22. Greencliffe (92KB)

23. Graythwaite (33KB)

24. Harold Cazneaux (53KB)

25. The World of May Gibbs (107KB)

26. Commodore Goodenough (83KB)

27. Rev. William Branwhite Clarke (444KB)

28. Taking the Ferry (55KB)

29. Hegarty's Ferry Service (55KB)

30. North Sydney Oval (61KB)


You can explore many of North Sydney’s key heritage sites just by walking - download notes for a self-guided walking tour.

For a more in-depth look at North Sydney heritage, choose from these books and DVDs for sale