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A district's sorrow 

A district's sorrow: North Sydney’s dead in the Great War 1914-1918

The North Sydney War Memorial in St Leonards Park bears the names of hundreds of local service personnel killed in action. This book attempts to tell the stories of those listed who fell during World War One, as well as more than 400 others not listed on the Memorial, so that knowledge of them will survive.

The author, George Franki, has lived much of his life in the North Sydney area, and served in the RAN and ARA. Published by North Sydney Council, 2013.

Aboriginal North Sydney.jpg

Aboriginal North Sydney

Outlines the history of indigenous people in North Sydney from before the arrival of Europeans to the present day. It expands upon the earlier book Hands across time - a guide to aboriginal history and culture written by Margaret Park in 1998.

Written by North Sydney Council Historian Dr Ian Hoskins.

The art of fun

The art of fun (DVD)

Luna Park is one of Sydney's most enduring and beloved icons. Much of the Park's unique appeal derives from its fairground art, particularly the huge entrance face that has come to symbolise Luna Park itself. Through archival footage, photographs and interviews this documentary explores the art of Luna Park and the artists who created it. 

Bob Gordon

Bob Gordon: Lavender Bay boat builder (DVD) 

A presentation on the life and work of Bob Gordon, who dedicated much of his life to building wooden and steel boats at Lavender Bay and Berrys Bay since the 1940s, continuing a family tradition of boat building in North Sydney extending back to the 1870s. 

Building a bridge 

Building a bridge for Sydney: the North Sydney connection

Examines the story of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from a North Sydney perspective using photographs, text and the words of the people who watched the many stages of the Bridge being built - from the turning of the first sod to the grand opening in March 1932. This attractive booklet is based on the exhibition of the same name held at Don Bank Museum in 1999. 


Coast: A History of the New South Wales Edge

This, the first history written of the New South Wales coast, traces our relationship with this stretch of land and sea starting millennia ago when Aboriginal people feasted on shellfish and perfected the art of building bark canoes, to our present obsession with the beach as a place to live or holiday.

Leading us through the European fascination with marine life, the attempts to establish a whaling industry, the fear of seaborne invasion which led to the creation of a navy of our own in 1911 through to the rise of our unstoppable enthusiasm for surfing and fishing, Ian Hoskins argues that our current enthralment with the coast began more recently than we might think.  
Written by North Sydney Council Historian Dr Ian Hoskins. Published by NewSouth Books, 2013.

Down the bay 

Down the bay: the changing foreshores of North Sydney (CD-ROM)

A compilation of memories and stories from people who lived and worked along North Sydney's harbour foreshore in the early twentieth century, drawn from Stanton Library's Oral History Collection.


Greenway: 50 years in the life of a public housing estate

A history of the Greenway housing estate in Milson's Point. Greenway was Australia's biggest flat development when it was completed in 1954.



Harbourlights explores the life and work of Peter Kingston, one of North Sydney's best-known and best-loved artists.

Peter has contributed enormously to the local community since moving to Lavender Bay in 1974. He worked with Martin Sharp refurbishing Luna Park during the 1970s and then fought tirelessly to save the site and its collection in the decades that followed the Park's closure.

A champion of Australia's rich popular culture, Peter's sculptures of Snugglepot, Cuddlepie, Blinkie Bill and others grace the public walkway around Lavender Bay. His etchings and oil paintings have charted the playful and sombre moods of Sydney Harbour over three decades.

This beautifully illustrated hardcover book by Gavin Wilson is now available at a special price. 

Life and death on the North side

Life and death on the North side 

A history of St. Thomas' Cemetery and Church. Life and Death tells the story of the cemetery, the first of its type on the north shore, and its connections to St. Thomas' Church. 

 Naming North Sydney

Naming North Sydney

Crows Nest in the fifties

North Sydney Nuances: Crows Nest "The fifties" (DVD)

A film by Barvara Hush, telling the story of the settlement of her family in North Sydney in the early 1900s and their life in Crows Nest in the 1950s, including interviews with the Hush family and local community members from that time. Project supported by the Centenary of Federation Committee, North Sydney Council and the North Shore Historical Society.

North Sydney Olympic Pool

North Sydney Olympic Pool: 60th Anniversary 'The wonder pool'

Return to community 

Return to community: a history of Balls Head and its coal loader (DVD) 

A documentary tracking the extraordinary history of Balls Head, Waverton, from the time of the Cammeraygal people, to the industrial development of the coal loader from the early 1920s, to the creation of North Sydney Council's Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability in 2011.

Ruby Graham

Ruby Graham: a bush garden (DVD) 

The Lex and Ruby Graham Garden at Cremorne Point is one of the most beautiful and magical places in North Sydney. This little paradise was created by two local residents, from 1959 onwards, out of a weed-infested rubbish dump and is a haven for locals and visitors alike.

Shifting about 

Shifting about: Henry Lawson's home addresses in North Sydney

While he is best known for his interpretation of the Australian bush, Henry Lawson also wrote about the city – and indeed lived in North Sydney periodically from 1900 to 1920. The poems and stories he wrote about the North Sydney area are some of the most intimate depictions of a harbour-side Sydney community ever penned.

Shifting about is a guide to Henry Lawson's North Sydney by Olive Lawson.
Shifting old North Sydney

Shifting old North Sydney: the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the local community (DVD)

A documentary exploring the impact of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, completed in 1932, on the community that lay in the path of its development. Some 3000 people were affected by the demolition of up to 500 houses and shops. The film includes archival photographs, maps, footage and letters from those evicted. The memories of local residents who grew up in the area from the 1920s provide insights into the changes that have shaped North Sydney.

Voices of a landscape

Voices of a landscape: planning North Sydney


Was thinking of home today

'Was thinking of home today...': North Sydney and the Great War

This book explores the impact of the war on North Sydney and provides a context for understanding the significance of those memorials and mementoes. It also voices some of North Sydney's ANZAC descendant's engagement with their own family history.

Written by North Sydney Council Historian Dr Ian Hoskins.