Young writers


Nan Manefield YWA 2021 Winners

Congratulations to all of the young writers who entered in the 2021 Nan Manefield Young Writer's Award!

Due to social distancing guidelines, the 2021 Awards night was a smaller event with limited attendance.
Merit Certificates were posted to those who were awarded them and we hope these young writers will receive these encouragement awards with pride, and continue to write and enter this award in future years.

We were privileged to have the judges of each age category attend the awards night to speak about the entries they read and awarded. Thank you to these incredible authors and poets: Ursula Dubosarsky, Erin Gough, Tim Sinclair, Will Kostakis, and Ceridwen Dovey. You can read more about them here. (1MB)

Below are the Winners, Highly Commended [2nd] and Commended [3rd] in each age category. Links to the stories and poems are via each of the 5 winners names below.


The 2021 Nan Manefield Young Writer's Award winners

16-18 years Winner Emily Tran (214KB)
  Highly Commended
James Baldock
Chris Lin
 14-15 years Winner Ariane Saywell (94KB)
  Highly Commended
Sophie Nixey
  Commended Vicky Guan
 13 years Winner Alannah Youssef (103KB)
  Highly Commended
Adelaide Watts
  Commended Mahika Sharma
 12 years Winner Liam Baker (79KB)
  Highly Commended
Molly McShane
  Commended Alexandra Roberts
 11 years Winner Jonah Zreika (201KB)
  Highly Commended
Leah Chung
  Commended Maya Turton