Book Groups

Stanton is home to eight monthly book groups of up to sixteen people (having started with just two in 2004).

Each group at their first meeting of the year selects the books they are going to read and discuss for the coming year.

Generally, the group members take turns to introduce the book for that month, and provide extra information about it and the author. The aim of the group is not necessarily to agree but to air opinions about a different book each month.

There are currently no places available in our book groups. There is a possibility of starting a new group in the new year if there is sufficient demand. To register your interest, please complete the online form below. Library staff will be in contact when the group is ready to go ahead.


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For more information contact: 

Stanton Library

(02) 9936 8400


For English language learners, Stanton also hosts a monthly ESL Book Group.