Writers @ Stanton: podcasts

Writers@Stanton is the library's visiting author talk program.

It includes noted national and international authors, best-sellers, and lesser-known authors selected by publishers as authors of the future.

The author talk is followed by question time and the opportunity for book signing.

There is first-come first-served seating for 100 and standing room.

The program is free and no booking is required.


Here are recordings of some of the writers who have visited (and writers coming up are listed at left).

You can now find us on iTunes


Bob Carr on "Run for Your Life" 3 July 2018

Trent Dalton on "Boy Swallows Universe" 20 June 2018

Hugh Mackay on "Australia Reimagined" 6 June 2018

Richard Dennis on "Dead Right" 6 June 2018

Colin Tatz on "Black Pearls" 22 May 2018

Nikki Gemmell on "On Quiet" 27 April 2018

Mark McKenna on "Moment of Truth" 10 April 2018

Barry Jones on "Looking into the Abyss: Trump, Australia & Beyond" 4 April 2018

Sonya Voumard, 23 March 2018

Anne Aly, 20 March 2018

Jamelle Wells

Jacqui Lambie on "Rebel with a Cause"

Benjamin T. Jones on "This Time: Australia’s Republican Past and Future" 1 February 2018

Michael Pembroke

Warren Mundine, 6 December 2017

Don Watson, 12 December 2017

Hugh White, 28 November 2017

Beau Donelly & Nick Toscano,16 November 2017

Alex Miller, 13 November 2017

Richard Denniss, 7 November 2017

Richard Fidler & Kari Gislason, 3 November 2017

Sarah Goldman, 20 October 2017

Scott Bevan, 1 November 2017

Hugh Riminton., 17 October 2017