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04 October 2018 
Venue: Stanton Library, Level 1
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How to design your thinking to live the life you want.

Most people have never questioned the why, how, when, what and who of their ‘thinking’ because the science is still stuck in the laboratories. Thinking is ‘THE’ tool everyone uses every day however, few people are consciously making an effort to understand why they think the way they do and how they can modify their thinking so that they can live the life they want versus what our family and society wants.

Until a few decades ago, scientists still believed that the brain was hardwired and we were not able to change our thinking and behaviour, and with age the function of the brain declines. Brain research now shows the brain has extraordinary potential to be moulded in the direction we want. The social and cognitive neuroscience evidence is breathtakingly beautiful and opens the power of human potential to a new level. Every person, without exceptions (in the general population), irrespective of their past, has the ability to mould and redirect this powerful mechanism called the ‘brain’ and make it work for us in every area of our lives, relationships, career, business, finance, friendships, family, adventure and much more. 

Dr Ginny Monteiro, is a behaviour change specialist and translational researcher. She is dedicated to simplifying the complex science into practical and experiential tools that people can  implement in their everyday lives. She has conducted scientific research and continues to provide expert advice to large scale behaviour change projects globally.

This talk explores the science behind the battle tested practical strategies to help you break the shackles of your brains neurology that holds you back from living the life you want.


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04 Oct 2018 at 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM


Stanton Library, Level 1
234 Miller Street
North Sydney
New South Wales 2060


: 99368400

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