Computer & Internet Access

Stanton Library offers the following facilities:

Library Catalogues

These are for searching the catalogue only, no login is required to search. You can also access the catalogue online from home.

Internet and Word Processing Computers

For browsing and searching the internet, accessing web-based email and word processing/ printing. A Stanton Library Card or casual access card is required to log on. Users are entitled to two hours access per day. An express (15 minute) terminal is available for short sessions.

Wireless internet

Show your Shorelink Library Card or casual access card at the Information Desk each time you visit the library to obtain a password. Users are entitled to 4 hours use and 300MB download for each wireless session.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a card to access the computers? 

You can use your Stanton Library card to access computers and to pay for printing and photocopying. If you do not have a Stanton Library card you can purchase a casual access card from the Information Desk for $2.00.

How do I add value to my card? A blue coin recharger box is located next to the photocopiers on the ground floor.  Library staff can change small notes if required. If you wish to add more than $10 credit, you can pay by card at the Information Desk.

Which computer do I use? 

All of the public access computers on the ground floor labelled WP or Express will give you access to the internet, email, word-processing and printing.
Do I need to book? If  a computer is free you can simply log on and start using. If all computers are in use you can make a booking at the Information Desk.

How do I login?

Your login is your Stanton Library Card number without the X. Your password is the last four digits of your card number. If you have a casual access card, login using the whole number, and the last four digits are your password. Don't forget to log out after each use.
How do I save my files? Our computers are public computers used by many different people each day. A USB memory stick is the best way to store your files securely and privately. USB sticks can be purchased from office supply stores. You should save your files regularly.
Is there a time limit for using the computers? Each user is entitled to one hour access per day across our computer system. Your PC will shut down automatically when your session expires, so watch for the time alerts and make sure you have saved your work. If you require more time, ask at the Information Desk. An extension of time may be available only during quiet times when not all computers are in use. Extensions of time must be requested ten minutes before the end of your session.
Can I use CDs/DVDs in the computers? You can use our computers to watch or listen to CDs and DVDs up to the limit of one hour per day. The computers do not have a CD burner. Headphones are available to borrow from the Information Desk.
How do I print? You can print from all WP and Express computers. You must be logged into a computer to print files from your email account, a webpage or a memory stick. You can add printing credit to your card using the coin machine on the ground floor. To release your print jobs, swipe your card in the blue terminal attached to each printer/photocopier and follow the prompts. Wireless printing is also available for particular files types- Wireless printing instructions (495KB).
Can I scan a document? Scanning is available on the printers on the ground floor. Scanning is free of charge, but you will need your card to login and a minimum of 20c printing credit in order to scan. Scanned documents can be sent directly to an email address, or saved to a USB stick. Detailed instructions are available from Library staff.
Why are Internet sites blocked? The Library uses web filtering software to block large files, audio & streaming, offensive content and gaming or gambling sites. Our web catalogue terminals are restricted only to the online catalogue and library resources. If you believe the site you need to access should not be blocked, please discuss with Information Desk staff.
Protecting your privacy Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their passwords and account information when using the public access computers. You must make sure that you log out of any online accounts, including email, and never store or save your password on one of our terminals. Save all personal files to a USB memory stick, and delete any files you have temporarily saved to the computer desktop. The Library cannot guarantee the privacy of files saved locally on the computers after you log off.
What can library staff help me with? Library staff are able to help you with accessing our systems and using library resources (such as eBooks, databases etc). For assistance with other computer issues and help with specific software, there are several community centres and clubs in the local area that offer more detailed training classes. Information desk staff can provide you with more information about these.