Power Mate Kits

Household appliances account for up to 40% of our energy use. Standby power (such as your TV, stereo and computer) can account for 10% of electricity use in the home, costing households an extra $150 a year.

Using a Power Mate Lite (PML) can help you to identify and reduce energy costs and measures how much energy an appliance uses, whilst in operation and in standby mode.

The Power Mate Lite measures three types of energy consumption:

1. The energy an appliance uses when running;

2. The energy an appliance uses in standby mode;

3. Whether an appliance left switched on at the wall while not being used is actually consuming power.

How much energy are you using?

Find out with the Power Mate Kits available for loan at Stanton - just ask at the Information desk - call 9936 8400 or email library@northsydney.nsw.gov.au

Each Power Mate Kit includes a Power-Mate Lite, compass, infrared thermometer, save power thermometer, stopwatch, worksheet and a how-to guide.

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