Fees & Charges



Stanton Library accepts payment by cash, cheque, Mastercard, Visa or EFTPOS. If you wish to pay an amount by credit card (minimum payment $10) and are unable to visit the library, please phone the Library Information Desk on (02) 9936 8400.

The items below are set out in Council's Fees & Charges.


Late Fees

Each item not returned by the due date will incur a late fee of 30 cents per day. The maximum late fee per item is $18.00

Reservation Service Fee

Each Item $2.50
Inter library loan fee $3.50

Replacement of Membership Card

Due to loss or theft (each card) $6.00
Temporary card (one use only) Free

Library bags


Photocopying/Printing Services

per copy
A4 and Foolscap paper (Black & White) $0.20
A3 paper (Black & White) $0.40
A4 Colour $1.00
A3 Colour $2.00
Microfilm/fiche Reader Printer $0.80
Photocopying card $2.00
Binding $3.00
A4 Laminating $1.00
A3 Laminating $3.00
USB memory stick $6.00

Heritage Centre Research

Research requests received by the Heritage Centre are free for those finding the information themselves with the assistance of Heritage Centre staff (Monday - Saturday, 1-5pm). Fees apply when staff complete queries on clients behalf. This hourly rate is:
Individuals $28.00

Local History Services

A full list of fees and charges for local history publications, reproduction services and Don Bank museum hire is available on request.

Bookfair Sales

Large coffee table books $2.00
Small to medium books (soft & hard cover) $2.00
Small paperbacks $0.50 each or 3 for $1.00
Red dot specials $3.00
Magazines $0.25

Library Conference Room Hire

During Library opening hours, weekdays to 5.00pm

$52.00 (per hour)
Daily Rate $255.00
Evening & Weekends $62.00 (per hour)
Use of equipment (per booking)
Hearing loop, lecturn (each) $15.00
Microphone, whiteboard (each) $30.00
Projector, laptop (each) $60.00
Discount for community groups, charities, non-profit organisations. 50%
Discount for political parties. 25%

Discount for six or more meetings, unless discounted already.

Payment of full amount is required 1 week before booking date.

Double discount is not permitted and discount is only on room hire, not equipment.

10% of full amount will be charged if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of booked date. 


Loss of, or Damage to Library Material

Loss of or damage to items borrowed on your card, regardless of the cause, is your responsibility. If your card is lost or stolen, please notify the library immediately to prevent unauthorised use.



Failure to return books or damaging books so that they are unsuitable for retention:
Loss of item, heavy annotation/marking, water damage, stains, lost or torn pages of text or illustrations.
Full replacement value plus processing fee.

Damage to books that will require rebinding:
Casing pulled away from the book, sand in spine, heat warping (eg book left in car).


Other Damage to Books:
Sand in cover, damaged book jacket or barcode, lost page of text, lightly marked in pen/pencil.


Audio / Visual

Lost or damaged discs
Full replacement value plus processing fee where more than 1 disc lost  
Where one disc lost in set $20.00
Lost single Audio Visual case or box $16.00
Lost multi-set Audio Visual sets or boxes $20.00
Lost Libretto $20.00
Lost Insert $10.00

Processing Fee

For magazines $5.00
For all other items



Lost or damaged magazine and books in the paperback collections are charged at full replacement value or items may be replaced with 2 or more similar items. All replacement items must be in good condition and magazines must be less than 12 months old.

Lost and Paid Item Reimbursement

It is the policy of Council that all items which have been lost, or damaged beyond repair and have been paid for by the customer may be kept, by the customer. If a customer has paid a replacement charge for a lost library item and afterwards finds it, the charge will not be refunded by Council but the borrower is entitled to keep the item.