Learn: Enlivening learning

Programs and exhibitions that broaden understanding of the local area and help to tell the stories of our community.


Key Achievements for 2015-16:

  • Historical services staff marked the 150th Anniversary of North Sydney Council with a ferry tour of the North Sydney waterfront, with commentary provided by Council Historian Dr Ian Hoskins.

  • The 2016 Heritage Festival was marked with an exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first of May Gibbs’ Gumnut Babies publications.

  • Stanton’s first online exhibition At home in North Sydney, an architectural history of the local area, was launched in August, and later awarded the 2016 Heritage Award for Multimedia.

  • The 80th anniversary of the North Sydney Pool was marked with two walking tours of the pool and Milson’s Point, and the completion of notes for a self-guided walking tour.

  • Stanton’s Family History Help Desk, run by volunteers and led by a Local History Librarian offered 253 visitors individual help in researching their family history.

  • The gardens of Don Bank Museum were redesigned with planting to reflect domestic gardens of the 19th and 20th century in Sydney.

  • A new exhibition A model for others: the story of St Thomas’ Cemetery & Sexton’s Cottage was completed and installed in Sexton’s Cottage Museum, featuring a reproduction of a mourning dress, original mourning jewellery and artefacts discovered from the museum as well as extensive information on the history of the site.


“I just got home after [attending a family history group] and was going to drop you a line to say how lovely it was to be greeted by name and how welcome Dad felt…the library volunteer was delightful and helpful, and Dad came out with some family details that have not come out in any of the discussions I have had since I took an interest in getting down the family history from those who have first hand knowledge towards the end of last year…Fabulous to find such a great group interested in genealogy.”  - Fiona