Engage: Engaging minds

We provide resources and opportunities to support reading and learning with a range of programs and activities to open minds, encourage curiosity and facilitate the sharing of ideas.


Key Achievements for 2016-17 

  • We introduced a Fast Reads collection, which proved popular with most of the titles being loaned within a few hours. We now have 116 titles on our Fast Reads shelf with 78% of the titles fiction.

  • We’ve teamed up with Inspiring Australia to raise awareness and understanding of STEM topics through introducing a series of evening talks we’re calling Live Science Engagement. Different researchers or science communicators visit the library one night every month or every couple of months and hold a talk on a different science topic. The talks have been popular with high attendance rates and positive feedback from the audience.

  • This year we Introduced a new Reader’s Advisory service called The Next Great Read. Readers fill in an online form answering various questions about reading preferences. With the information provided, library staff research topics and authors to give the customer a taste of what the library holds, with recommendations of new and exciting authors.

  • For the first time, Stanton held an event for Bloomsday, which celebrates the novel Ulysses and is named after the central character Leopold Bloom.  Bloomsday celebrations consisted of an evening lecture on Ulysses, followed by live readings from guest speakers. Light refreshments were provided as well as live music inspired by Dublin City.

  • For World Philosophy Day we ran a Q&A evening with a panel of four philosophers discussing a range of questions from 'What is beauty?' to 'Is democracy the best form of politics?'. The event booked up quickly and attracted 60 attendees!

  • The library Subscribed to 3 new databases: CHOICE magazine online, Grove music (a dictionary of music and musicians) and Oxford English Dictionary.

“Thank you for responding to my new book requests so quickly. As a very frequent "user" of Stanton Library can I remark on the excellent customer service I always receive. Please wish everyone who works there a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to visiting again in the new year. Thanks again.” Ian F (21/12/16)


Twitter  Many thanks to @Stanton_Library for a fantastic early #Bloomsday2017 event last night with some great speakers – Irish Consulate (Jun 13, 2017)