Stanton Annual Report 2018-19
Celebrate key achievements in the Library during the past year

Welcome to Stanton Library’s online Annual Report. The information has been presented around the themes of Connect, Engage Learn and Create. These themes have been inspired by our mission statement, customer service charter, and our values.


The Year in Review – 2018/19


Stanton Library in 2018/19 demonstrated again that communities love visiting their local library to borrow resources. During the year 568,636 items were loaned. The top four most popular categories were adult non-fiction and fiction, DVDs and children’s picture books.

The Heritage Centre help-desk was redesigned to make it more welcoming and accessible. Another step in the Library’s Masterplan was taken when a Development Application was lodged to create a second entrance into the library from the Ridge Street carpark. Currently, visitors entering the library from the carpark must walk 100 metres to the Miller Street entrance. In the new year staff will work with the architects to take the project to the next stage, producing a design sufficiently detailed for costing and construction.

Stanton is part of the Shorelink network of libraries which includes Lane Cove and Mosman. Over 2018/19 the Shorelink libraries re-branded with a fresh, new logo and website. The libraries also introduced system-wide reserves. This allows a library customer’s reservation to be satisfied by any of the three libraries, not only the library the customer has a membership with. Since this innovation has been introduced, borrowing between the three libraries has increased by 193.3%. Another innovation has been the introduction of automatic renewals whereby library customers are notified by email that their library items have been renewed. Many customers have expressed appreciation for these new services.

Throughout the year I’ve participated in Council’s Ward Street Masterplan project working group, exploring the potential that this site has to cater for an expansion of library services; the site already having been identified as a future arts and cultural hub. Council has identified that there will be a population increase by 2036 which means that long term planning for library services in North Sydney is required now more than ever.


Rebecca Aukim, Manager Library Services



2018-19 in numbers

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We aspire to provide a welcoming and inclusive library service for our community. A service that inspires and supports wellbeing, lifelong learning, a love of reading, community connectedness and creative thinking.