Writers @ Stanton: podcasts

Writers@Stanton is the library's visiting author talk program hosting some of the world’s most exciting writers and thinkers to discuss their latest books. Missed out on seeing your favourite author in the flesh? Catch up with our audio recordings and relive the discussion, insights and laughter.



Here are recordings of some of the writers who have recently visited.


You can also find us on iTunes for our complete collection of podcasts.


Peter FitzSimons on "The Battle of Long Tan" 22 November 2022

Tom Keneally on "Fanatic Heart" 15 November 2022

Richard Fidler on "The Books of Roads & Kingdoms" 26 October 2022

Peter van Onselen on "Victory" 20 October 2022

Craig Silvey on "Runt" 18 October 2022

Holly Ringland on "The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding" 6 October 2022

Alexandra Smith on "The Secret" 6 September 2022

Clive Hamilton on "Provocateur" 13 September 2022

John Howard on "A Sense of Balance" 16 August 2022

Naomi Hart on "Life at the Bottom of the Blender" 16 August 2022

John M. Green on "Framed" 9 August 2022

Neela Janakiramanan on "The Registrar" 4 August 2022

James O'Loghlin on "Criminals" 19 July 2022

Dr Ben Bravery on "The Patient Doctor" 13 July 2022

Hugh White on "Sleepwalk to War" 6 July 2022

Aaron Patrick on "Ego" 22 June 2022

Victoria Alexander on "Home" 7 June 2022

Emma Partridge on "The Widow of Walcha" 17 May 2022

Mark Tedeschi on "Missing, Presumed Dead" 12 May 2022

David Hill on "Reckoning" 21 April 2022

Peter FitzSimons on "The Opera House" 12 April 2022

Ruth Wilson on "The Jane Austen Remedy" 7 April 2022

Patti Miller on "True Friends" 5 April 2022

Jane Caro on "The Mother" 29 March 2022

Troy Bramston on "Bob Hawke: Demons and Destiny" 25 March 2022

Wendy McCarthy on "Don't Be Too Polite, Girls" 3 March 2022

Charlotte Wood with Bri Lee on "The Luminous Solution" 1 December 2021

Sean Kelly on "The Game" 16 November 2021

Bri Lee on "Who gets to be smart" 15 June 2021

David Brophy on "China Panic" 8 June 2021

Jacqueline Maley on "The truth about her" 20 April 2021

Nikki Gemmell on "The Ripping Tree" 13 April 2021

Debra Oswald on "The Family Doctor" 30 March 2021

Satyajit Das on "A Banquet of Consequences: Reloaded" 23 March 2021

Caroline Overington on "Missing William Tyrrell" 4 March 2020

Sarah Macdonald & Cathy Wilcox on "So...You're Having a Teenager" 25 February 2020

Phillip Roope & Kevin Meagher on "Shark Arm" 12 February 2020

Nicholas Cowdery & Rachael Jane Chin on "Frank and Fearless" 28 November 2019