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29 April 2017 
Venue: Allen & Unwin's publishing house
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Cost: $295 incl gst

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Seeing fictional characters we care about undergo a transformation is one of the key elements of great storytelling. Whether reading or watching a story unfold on a screen or a stage we, the reader/audience, get to vicariously experience change in ways that might otherwise seem impossible in our own lives. It is that direct and often life-affirming connection with the reader/audience that makes stories of transformation so powerful.

Of course change is rarely easy. We are often dragged kicking and screaming to the realisation that something has to give. Similarly, our fictional characters need to be compelled to change. If it is easy for them, then there is no drama.

So how do we create characters that a reader/audience will care about? How do we compel those characters to change, creating the drama needed to engage the reader/audience? How do we then know transformation has occurred?

In this practical, one-day workshop, using examples from published works, plays and films, we will investigate:

• How plot, the character's outer journey, is used to bring about a character's transformation on an inner level.
• How to match the character with the right plot to enhance his or her transformation.
• How to create the character's belief system and use it to keep the character stagnant.
• How to break the nature of their belief system so transformation can happen.
• How structure (using the example of the Hero's Journey) can be used to arrange the plot to have the greatest impact on the character's inner journey.

Participants are encouraged to bring a character they are already working with to the workshop for a series of in-class exercises that will test those characters' 'willingness' or 'resistance' to change. Even if you intend your character to remain the same (and there are many great stories where that happens) this workshop will still be pertinent and empowering. The tools used to get a character to transform are the same ones that can force resistant characters to hold on to old patterns of behaviour.

Bring your characters and an open mind and let's make transformation happen!

The course includes:
• A full day's intensive tuition from 10am - 4pm
• Lunch and regular tea and coffee breaks
• A complimentary copy of a recent A&U publication


29 Apr 2017 at 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM


Allen & Unwin's publishing house
83 Alexander Street
Crows Nest
New South Wales 2065


For more information please contact Sarah Menary.

: 02 8425 0171

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