Welcome to North Sydney Sign

Due Completion: 30 November 2016

The reconstruction of the “Welcome to North Sydney” sign at the intersection of Alfred Street South and Dind Street, Milsons Point was completed on 31 January 2017 following the commissioning of the new LED lighting.

The original heritage listed “Welcome to North Sydney” Archway and sign was constructed in 1935.

The Archway was removed in July 2006 following an inspection which found that the structure was in danger of collapse at any time due to severe corrosion of the internal steel truss. The concrete columns that supported the sign were retained.

The intention of the project was to reinstate the archway to the form it was immediately prior to its removal. Works involved the demolition of the two existing concrete columns and the reconstruction of a new archway and sign structure on the existing site using reinforced concrete columns and a steel framed sign clad in metal with LED illumination.

The new sign will be illuminated from just before sunset to 10pm in accordance with the DA conditions. The sign has been fitted with an automatic timing device to ensure compliance with the illumination hours.

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