St Leonards upgrade

Due Completion:

The area adjacent St Leonards train station is undergoing a transition from commercial to mixed use and high rise development. This increase in density has put a strain on the aging public domain infrastructure which is in need of rejuvenation. 

In response NSC appointed a design team develop a public domain upgrade plan to guide the progressive upgrade of St Leonards. The upgrade plan marries the principals of the recently adopted Public Domain Style and Design Manual with current and past planning studies for the area, including:

  • St Leonards/Crows Nest Planning Study Precincts 2 and 3 (including public consultation)
  • St  Leonards/Crows Nest Planning Study Precinct 1
  • St Leonards Place Making & Design Study
  • North Sydney Integrated Cycling Strategy
  • NSC Street Survey

A key outcome from this and other Council reports is the need for a revitalised Mitchell Street Plaza.

The refresh will include new materials and finishes that will provide a "gateway statement" and develop a precinct character to help define St Leonards as a changing area and separate it from the adjacent villages and Pacific Highway road corridor.

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