Relocation of Electricity Substation

Work commenced on the relocation of the electrical substation kiosk in Ernest Place Crows Nest to a more appropriate location between Crows Nest Centre and the rear of the Northside Baptist Church.

The first step was to demolish a narrow garden bed against the west side of the Centre to provide adequate truck access width as required by Ausgrid.

Council’s Parks & Gardens staff salvaged all the Agapanthus plants for re-planting in Cremorne Reserve.

The existing substation kiosk outside Bravo Trattoria will be removed once the new substation kiosk is installed and electrified. The substation in its present location is visually-obtrusive, obstructs the free flow of pedestrian traffic, and attracts pigeons and other birds to roost on the structure at night resulting in a build-up of droppings.

The works also include the provision of 2 new power poles and a street light on the west side of Willoughby Road opposite Ernest Place.


The entire project including making good of paved & turfed areas is programmed to complete July 2017 (an extension on May) due to unforeseen circumstances.

All local residents and businesses have been notified. Ausgrid have committed to contribute to the costs of the project.


Project Location

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