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Jan 2017 Update

Works Overview

Regal Innovations Pty Ltd on behalf on North Sydney Council (NSC) are undertaking construction works at Brett Whiteley Place, Elizabeth Plaza and the Miller Street bus stop zone outside the MLC Building. Works Include:

  • Replacement of existing paving with high quality granite paving
  • restoration to fountain
  • new lighting
  • drainage upgrade
  • new street furniture
  • new Bus shelters and paving to Miller Street bus stop zone

What Has Happened So Far

Works have commenced on the upgrade to Brett Whiteley Place in late August 2016. Works completed to date include;

  • Re-grading of existing ground to align with proposed design
  • reconstruction of fountains
  • new granite paving
  • placement of precast retaining walls to create usable areas through the plaza.

Upcoming Works

Over the next month we will be completing works to Miller Street bus stop zone. This includes widening of footpath to allow for safer pedestrian travel, new bus shelters, granite paving and increased seating to the area. Pedestrian access will be maintained to all businesses.

Works are planned to start at 7am Wednesday 28 December on the demolition of the existing paving and bus shelters. We are working towards having the works in this area complete by the end of January 2017




The upgrade of Brett Whiteley Place, Elizabeth Plaza and the Miller St bus stop zone outside the MLC building commenced in August 2016 and will take approximately 10 months to complete.

The first phase of construction involves the upgrade of Brett Whiteley Place - this is expected to take 6 months to complete. These proposed works include new high-quality granite footpath paving, new and improved seating arrangements, refurbishment of the existing woodward fountains, upgrade of the drainage, installation of street furniture, new bus stops on Miller St, planting of new trees, new and improved lighting, improved pedestrian circulation and the creation of an events space.

The second phase of the construction will commence upon completion of construction at Brett Whiteley Place. This phase includes the upgrade of the existing footpath to granite paving, new and improved seating arrangements, installation of street furniture, upgraded drainage, planting of new trees and catenary lighting. These works are expected to take 4 months to complete.

Phase three of the project will commence upon an independent development at 100 Mount Street. The existing pavement comprises of a concrete base with concrete pavers. The existing pavers will be replaced with high quality granite set pavers together with landscape and street furniture improvements.



Residents and businesses will be regularly notified of any impacts these major works may have - and sign up here to be notified by e-news.

Please note times are subject to change due to weather and other factors or delays. Council will inform you of any changes where possible. Extent and scope of work:



Additional Information

The plans were on public exhibition for public comment during 15 January and 12 February 2015 and have since been approved by Council.

The design was prepared in accordance with the materials detailed in Council’s Public Domain Style Manual.

As with any large construction project, there will be disruption to the normal functioning of the area for the duration of the works. At this stage, it is anticipated that the bulk of the works in Brett Whiteley Place and Miller St bus zone will be completed by the end of December 2016, pending weather conditions and traffic arrangements imposed by the Traffic Management Centre.

Council will be working closely with the Contractor to minimise disruption to local businesses and the community as much as possible within the constraints of the worksite. However, there will be some unavoidable disruptions to access, parking, bus facilities and pedestrian traffic. Temporary bus stops (2) will be in operation in Construction Phase 1 while the works are undertaken on Miller St. Refer to this illustration for further details (1018KB).

Some construction activities will also generate noise.

Council will endeavour to carry out works during weekdays but due to heavy traffic in the area, it may be necessary to undertake some of the work on weekends. There will be limited night-time work up to 10pm.

The contractor will have a full time community liaison officer on site at all times during the day to attend to any complaints. Measures will be in place to minimise the construction impact as much as possible to the community.

If you have any questions or comments in relation to these works or you have any special requirements that we will need to allow for, please do not hesitate to contact Council Project Manager Shahid Rehman on 9936 8277 or send an email to and we will try to address your concerns as much as possible.

Follow-up notification letters will be issued to all businesses and tenants. Regular updates will also be made available on this website.

For all general inquiries, please contact Council on 99368100.


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