Due Completion:

The Transport and Parking consultation closed 13 May 2016.

All feedback received is being collated and analysed, and the Stage 1 findings were reported to Council in 18 July 2016.

Community engagement for Stage 1 of the TAPAS Plans was undertaken between February and May 2016. Council received over 2000 submissions in relation to the project across the 7 zones, including over 5,000 comments relating to specific locations. The outcomes and findings of Stage 1 were reported to Council in July 2016.

The next steps are to review the specific feedback received, undertake a detailed technical review in each TAPAS Zone and prepare draft action plans for each of the 7 TAPAS Zones by the end of April 2017.

The Draft Action Plans which will include a program of works will be placed on public exhibition after which they will be reported back to Council for formal adoption prior to implementation. These will then form the basis of a works program to be implemented over the next 5-10 years.


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TAPAS Action Plans - Transport Minor Works Programs

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