North Sydney Olympic Pool Consultation: Phase 2

Council is developing a Masterplan for the future development of the Pool complex as the 50m outdoor pool needs replacing. Six options were explored. See latest News below...

Latest News

Council, at its meeting on 21 March 2016 considered:


  1. THAT Council defers the decision on the next steps in relation to the North Sydney Olympic Pool redevelopment.
  2. THAT during the period of deferment, a Councillor workshop(s) facilitated by an independent professional moderator be held, to allow all Councillors the opportunity to speak openly and ensure that all relevant information, including the history of the pool, demographic projections for the next 20, 50 and 75 years, and their impact on needs/demands in relation to the pool, avenues for sourcing/applying for State and Federal funding, is provided/presented.
  3. THAT the General Manager and the Directors of City Strategy, Open Space and Engineering also attend the workshop.
  4. THAT if necessary, further or refined options for the redevelopment of the North Sydney Olympic Pool are commissioned. 

Timeline - Key Dates

Phase 1 consultation - September to November 2014

Draft options considered by Council - March/April 2015

Phase 2 consultation - completed 25 September 2015

Phase 2 community feedback reported to Council - 16 November 2015

As per resolution - a council Workshop will be held soon...

Pool Masterplan background

Six options to redesign the pool.

Option 1

Proposal: selective refurbishment of existing pool.

Option 2

Proposal: upgrade the existing centre.

Option 3

Proposal: full upgrade of all the centre.

Option 4

Proposal: full upgrade of the centre plus a diving pool with new health and wellness and events space.

Option 5

Proposal: full upgrade for swimming and diving with new health and wellness and events space.

Option 6

Proposal: a new aquatic centre.

Pool Masterplan Video

View this visual presentation of the 6 design options...

Frequently Asked Questions

About the redevelopment and the options proposed for the pool after initial consultation.