HMAS Platypus Site

The Harbour Trust is moving forward with plans to rehabilitate the former HMAS Platypus site on Neutral Bay.



Platypus, on the foreshore of Neutral Bay, was formerly a gasworks factory that was partially resumed by the Commonwealth Government as a torpedo manufacturing facility during WWII. In 1967 it became the base for the Royal Australian Navy’s Oberon Class submarines and was renamed HMAS Platypus.

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (the Harbour Trust) invited submissions from the public regarding proposed landscaping and park structures at the northern end of the Former HMAS Platypus site in Neutral Bay.

The proposal comprises landscaped terraces, plazas, paths, lookouts, wharf improvements and a spiral walkway that interprets the site’s historical use.

The proposal would complete the remediation of the contaminated ground in the northern part of the site in line with the outcomes identified in the Harbour Trust’s Comprehensive Plan.

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