Submitting an Application

You need to apply to North Sydney Council for permission to do filming or to take stills photography.

Please ensure you have read the following documents prior to lodging your application:

Filming and Photography - permit (271KB)

Filming and Photography - code of conduct (108KB)

Filming and Photography - terms and conditions (136KB)

Policies for Filming

Local Government Film Protocol (353KB)

Please read our policy D5-26 Filming in the Council Area Policy (135KB)

Road Closure for Filming

RMS Filming Projects - guidelines for Parking & Road Closures (333KB)


The impact of the filming or still photography will determine what is required from the applicant. 


Ultra Low Impact Applications

Ultra Low applications have:

  • No more than 10 crew.
  • No disruption caused to Council's stakeholders, retailers or motorists or other events in the vicinity of the area.
  • Activities are contained to footways or public open space area only.
  • Public safety is maintained at all the locations at all times during the conduct of the activities.
  • Vehicles associated with the conduct of the activities are legally parked at all times and are not driven onto footways, parks or plaza areas.

Council requires the following:

  1. Notification Letter
    Please include the date, time, location, on-site contact name/mobile number and a brief description of what will be occurring on site.  You will need to confirm you meet the criteria above (please cut and paste the points listed above into the bulk of your letter).
  2. Certificate of Currency
    Policies must be in $AUD, include North Sydney Council as an 'Interested Party' and public liability must be for no less than $20 Million.
  3. Written Police Approval
    Written police approval is required for all applications. Harbourside Area Command require 3 days notice (minimum) Contact:  Harbourside Area Command
    Telephone: (02) 9969 1933
    Facsimile: (02) 9969 1991

On receipt of the above you will be issued with a film reference number.

Ultra Low permits are not cross-checked with other activities at the location, consequently, it's possible that other film crews (or activities) could also be occurring at the same time. As a permit is not issued, please keep a copy of your notification letter (to Council) and your film reference number with you at all times.


Low, Medium, High Impact Applications

 Low/Medium/High applications must be submitted no later than 3 working days prior to filming. It is best to submit an application as early as possible so we can advise of any further requirements.

Additional lead time will be required if the application involves the closure of a road.

On lodgement all applications must include:

  1. A Complete Application Form
    See Section Part 1-7 of the application form.
  2. Certificate of Currency
    Policies must be in $AUS, include North Sydney Council as an 'Interested Party' and public liability must be for no less than $20 Million.
  3. Payment
    We are unable to commence assessing your application until we have received the Application Fee. Check your Application Fee.
  4. Written Police Approval
    Written police approval is required for filming activities. Issues that must be discussed and approved by NSW Police prior to commencing filming include traffic control, the use of 'user pays' police personnel and the coordination of activities that may be occurring in the area at the same time as filming E.g. special events, parades or demonstrations.

    Harbourside Area Command requires 3 days notice (minimum)

    Contact:  Harbourside Area Command
    Telephone: (02) 9969 1933
    Facsimile: (02) 9969 1991

    Depending on the nature and impact of your application the following may also be required:
  5. Community Consultation
    Read comprehensive information on how to notify residents and stakeholders of your proposal.

    Sample Resident Notification Letter (25KB)

  6. Parking, Road Closures, Access and Traffic Control
    Read information on road closures and traffic control

    NOTE: Council will advise of any further requirements on receipt.


Filming on Privately Owned Land

Council approval is not required for filming on private land. However, Filmmakers must now notify Council (when filming is entirely contained within private land), as required by the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP4).


Cancellations and Amendments

From time to time filming approvals need changes and amendments.

Wet Weather Cancellation

A wet weather option can be nominated. The date is transferable in the event of wet weather at no extra cost. If it rains on the day, applicants are required to contact Council by telephone (and in writing) before the commencement time to advise it is unable to proceed because of wet weather. Upon confirmation you can elect to:

  1. Transfer to an alternative date.
  2. Receive a refund (excludes Application Fee).

If you film on an alternative day, you are required to letter drop the residents or stakeholders that may be affected by the change.

Filming Cancellation - Request are to be made in writing.Application Fees are non refundable.

Filming Amendment - Any changes need to be discussed with Council's Bookings Officer and maybe subject to additional approvals. An amendment fee will apply if the change affects a previously issued permit. Cost: 75% of the Application Fee. This excludes requests for alternative days due to wet weather.