Warringa Park Playground Upgrade

In accordance with North Sydney Council’s Playgrounds Plan of Management and Council’s Playgrounds Methodology, Warringa Park Playground is due for upgrading.

The existing playground is approximately 18 years old and was carefully designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape and capitalise on the shade from existing embankment trees. The playground has been extremely popular and well-used, and is now a little tired. Council does not intend to drastically change the character of this play-space, but is keen to maximise play-value and improve accessibility.

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To create an upgraded playground that:

  • Complements the existing leafy character of the Park and blends into the landform
  • Provides a variety of play equipment offering inclusive play opportunities for a diverse range of ages and abilities
  • Provides maximum play value by offering many different types of activities (spinning, swinging, sliding, bouncing, climbing etc), and providing equipment that can accommodate several children simultaneously.
  • Has improved accessibility for strollers, wheelchairs, mobility aids and the like
  • Provides a pleasant environment for parents and carers with an adequate amount of seating positioned to facilitate easy supervision
  • Incorporates the surrounding canopy trees, gardens and landscaping as integral components of the design


Playground Concept

Warringa Park has a wonderful tree canopy with many new trees specifically planted around the edge of the playground to increase natural shade over the play space. This has provided a beautiful setting for a playground. The entire park is fenced, providing excellent opportunities for free-play to evolve from the formal playspace out into the open grassy areas of the park, encouraging running, ball games and other active play that is so beneficial to childhood health, development and well-being. It is a fabulous setting for play.

The proposed upgrading concept shows replacement of the existing timber multi-activity structure with a new, custom-designed, ramp-accessed structure that follows roughly the same shape. The main difference will be that the new structure will be lower to the ground allowing a full-circuit of accessibility, with the taller, more challenging elements coming off the structure towards the centre of the play space. It is envisaged that the new structure will include similar activities to the existing one. It will have two slides, a junior double-width straight slide and a taller spiral slide for older users. On ground level underneath one of the higher platforms there will be a cubby house, and the railings will incorporate a variety of activity panels; some that are accessed from the deck and some from the ground.

While accessibility will be provided all the way around the play space, the junior activities will be clustered more to one end, and senior to the other. At the junior end, there will be a replacement spinner, similar to the spinning cup that currently exists and also a new spring mounted jeep. At the senior end, a free-form cable climber will offer two levels of height, providing creative climbing options for different age and ability levels. The lower level cable and rubber mat option will allow users to crawl or body pull around the space, offering inclusive play where all participants regardless of ability, are on their bellies. The upper cable climb option will provide challenge to the bigger and braver users but still in close connection with those below.

The swings, in their own separate space away from passing traffic, will be increased in number with an additional two swings added: one will be a baby bucket seat and the other an all-abilities swing seat.

Under-surfacing in the upgraded playground will be a combination of organic mulch and earthy coloured rubber in specific areas. This combination will improve accessibility and circulation to key play elements while retaining the existing natural character and minimising impacts on the roots of existing established trees.

Sandstone edging and landscaping will continue as a major feature in the new playground, with larger sandstone blocks strategically placed to offer informal seating, create a sense of enclosure and guide circulation. All existing park furniture will be upgraded and repositioned to provide better rest points. The whole play space will be unified by a surrounding pathway that will link to the main entrance off Kurraba Road, while modifications to this entrance will provide more manoeuvring space and a more dramatic sense of entry. 


The result of this upgrading should be a cohesive play facility that sits neatly into the landscape, providing parents and carers with comfortable supervision points and children of all abilities with a safe, stimulating and challenging play-space where they can interact with their friends and enjoy this beautiful, naturally-shaded parkland setting.


Your Say

Anyone who would like further information on this proposal should contact Melissa McManus on 99368100. Comments are welcomed:

  • Support our plan? Great! Please tell us - we base decisions on feedback received and we often only hear from objectors.

  • Oppose our plans? That’s OK. Give us your feedback to help improve our projects and achieve the best possible outcome for community.

To make it quick and easy for people to make comments, Council has developed an online survey form. Please let us know what you think of the proposed playground upgrade by visiting Council’s website at http://yoursay.northsydney.nsw.gov.au

Alternatively, you can:

Posted on 19 November 2018

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