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4 Alfred Street South, Milsons Point 2061

Tel: 9955 2309

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Pool & Gym etiquette (2MB)

Park & Swim Scheme

Olympic pool and Lane 9 gym patrons have the option of 2 hours of free on-street parking per day.

There are 62 signposted parking spaces serviced by 6 parking meters linked to the Park & Swim scheme.

Refer to the map below for specific locations on the eastern side of Alfred St South between Dind St and Olympic Drive.

Before 10AM parking is free at these Park & Swim meters.

After 10AM, to claim your Park & Swim refund, you need to complete these steps:

  1. Park at one of the 62 parking spaces serviced by the scheme as marked on the map,

  2. At the meter, enter your parking space number,

  3. Follow the screen prompts and pay for your parking with a credit card - Visa or MasterCard only (AMEX not available).

    • Note:
    • Only credit card payments are eligible for a refund.
    • Cash and smart device payments cannot be refunded under the scheme.
    • The parking meters are "pay-by-space" so no ticket is issued. Instead, the time remaining is displayed on the meter screen. If screen reverts to home page, re-enter your parking space.
    • For more information, please refer to the “Paying at Parking Meters” section of the webpage.
  4. Inside the Pool gates, there are two parking refund meters (they look the same as a normal meter).

  5. At the refund meter, claim your refund by pressing any number on the keypad, then either:

    • Hold the credit card against the external card reader (Tap & Go function) until you hear one long beep and all 4 lights are lit up on the tap module.
    • Insert and remove the credit card into the card reader below the tap module. Note: credit card must be the same as the one used to make the parking payment.

Additional notes:

  • As long as you make a claim any time within 2 hours of parking your car and making your payment, the refund will be directly refunded to the Visa or MasterCard used for payment.

  • Due to bank processing times, it can take between 3-5 business days to receive the funds.

  • If you don’t receive a refund you have up to 60 days to make a claim with Council.

 Terms and Conditions apply to this scheme - download the document at the end of this page.


Park & Swim parking spaces:

To receive your Park & Swim refund, park anywhere in the blue zone on the map below (in the angle parking of Alfred St South facing Bradfield Park). This scheme is not available from other meters in Milsons Point.

Park and Swim map

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