Sports Grants & Funding

Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission is the Australian Government body that manages, develops and invests in sport at all levels in Australia.


Australian Sports Foundation

The Australian Government established the Australian Sports Foundation to assist community organisations raise funds for the development of Australian sport.


National Court Rebate Scheme

As Tennis Australia explains:

The National Court Rebate (NCR) is Tennis Australia’s facility funding program assisting affiliated venues, local councils and schools to create positive environments for the long-term success of tennis in Australia. Projects supported by the program range from developing new courts, upgrading existing facilities, building or line-marking ANZ Tennis Hot Shots courts, Tennis Australia’s Book a Court with integrated gate access technology, major projects and strategy & planning.

Since its inception, the program has proven to be a resounding success in stimulating more than 2,800 new or resurfaced tennis courts and considerable investment in the sport across Australia. The NCR continues to act as a catalyst for all tennis and government stakeholders to form partnerships and better plan for the provision of strategically located networks of community tennis venues.


NSW Sport and Recreation

The NSW Sport and Recreation manages millions of dollars each year in government grants to help build and develop sporting facilities, and assist the development of athletes, coaches, officials and sports administrators in NSW.