Cycleway Route 2

The 'Route 2 Cycleway and Streetscape Improvement Plan'  proposes significant improvements to streetscape quality, landscaping and the walking and cycling network in parts of North Sydney, Neutral Bay and Cremorne.

In line with the vision of the North Sydney Community set out in the Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023, the upgrades proposed will result in a high quality built environment that enhances sense of place and community connectedness, and walking and cycling links that facilitate a shift towards greater participation in sustainable transport modes.

The study area for the concept follows the alignment of ‘Route 2’ from the North Sydney Integrated Cycling Strategy (Cycling Strategy). The Cycling Strategy highlights that cycling projects need to be integrated with broad streetscape upgrades that benefit the community as a whole, and accordingly, the concept here places equal emphasis on general streetscape and landscaping upgrades, pedestrian amenity improvement, and traffic calming measures as part of a comprehensive streetscape improvement concept.

The upgrades proposed include:

  • New landscaping, including new garden beds, street trees and new or refurbished paving and footpaths;
  • new pedestrian crossings and improvements to safety and amenity along key walking routes;
  • new cycle lanes and cycle route treatments to make cycling safe and convenient for people of all ages and cycling abilities;
  • traffic calming measures to improve residential amenity and road safety.

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Public Consultation

Closed on Monday 29 June 2015, but for further information please contact Council's Sustainable Transport Project Coordinator on 9936 8100 or

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