Cycleway Route 2 Young St Works

Due Completion: 01 June 2017

Construction Works in Young St Route 2 Cycleway and Streetscape Improvement Plan

Construction of a cycle path and associated streetscape upgrade works is scheduled to commence shortly in part of Young Street. Further information about these works is below. Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the project:

Route 2 Cycleway - Young St FAQ (1MB)  


Works to be constructed in Young St 

Works in Young St (between Sutherland St and Grasmere Rd) include:

  • Pedestrian access improvements such as kerb changes to shorten pedestrian crossing distances and a new refuge across Grasmere Road at the intersection with Young Street.
  • A separated bi-directional cycle path on western side Young Street between Grasmere Road and Sutherland Street.
  • Sections of new or renewed kerb & gutter, footpath, drainage, and road pavement.
  • Traffic calming measures such as raised thresholds at laneways.
  • Landscaping, paving, garden beds and other public domain improvements.

These works are one stage of the Route 2 Cycleway and Streetscape Improvement Plan (‘Route 2’) project, which in total covers approximately 3 kilometres.  Council resolved to construct this project at its meeting of 20 July 2015. This map shows the location of the current works within the broader project context:

Route 2 Cycleway - Young St map (767KB)


Project Background

Feedback from the North Sydney Community has repeatedly indicated that many more people would walk and cycle for day to day transport if safe, accessible and attractive infrastructure was available. The Route 2 Cycleway and Streetscape Improvement Plan responds to this community demand. It proposes walking and cycling infrastructure upgrades that will enable more people to use “Active Transport” to move around Cremorne and Neutral Bay.

The project is not only about improving walking and cycling links. It has been developed with consideration of the entire road network/public domain, and also incorporates traffic calming works, large areas of new landscaping/garden beds, and new stormwater drainage. These works will ensure that the project provides broad community benefit and delivers more attractive and ‘liveable’ streets.


Construction Timing

The ‘Route 2’ project will be constructed in stages. Works along Young Street (between Grasmere Road and Sutherland Street) are scheduled to take place between December 2016 and January 2017.


NSW State Government support for the project

The NSW State Government (Roads and Maritime Services/Transport for NSW) has confirmed ‘Route 2’ as part of a regional ‘strategic bicycle corridor’ between North Sydney and the Northern Beaches.  They have provided 100% funding for the construction works currently proposed.


More Information

To discuss the project with Council staff please contact Council’ Sustainable Transport Projects Coordinator on 9936 8100 or

A full set of construction plans (114 pages) will available for viewing at Council Chambers during business hours.

The project website showing: the project concept and related documentation

Project Location

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