Hazards & Accidents

Reporting Road and Path Hazards

Road and path conditions vary over time. If you see a problem or hazard for bicycles please report it to North Sydney Council who will investigate and wherever possible arrange to fix the problem.

When reporting a hazard you must locate and identify it. The following may help prompt you of the information you should remember:

  1. Remember the exact location of hazard:
    1. Road / street / cycleway name, suburb.
    2. On road, road shoulder / cycle lane, cycle path, footpath
    3. Precise location (eg house number, intersecting road, distance from point of reference)
    4. Side of road / path (eg west side or travelling north).
  2. Remember the type of hazard or defect:
    1. Damaged surface, debris on surface, roadside or pathside problems, drainage, service access point etc.


What to do if You are Involved in an Accident

  • Make the location as safe as possible.
  • Seek medical treatment as appropriate.
  • Write down the details of the incident:
    • Day, date and time
    • Daylight or dark and visibility levels
    • Location of incident, street name, direction of travel
    • Details of vehicles involved, registration numbers, descriptions, make and models, colours
    • Name number and contact details of all drivers
    • Name of insurance companies
    • Names and contact details of all witnesses
    • Description of any damage or injuries
    • Report to police and obtain a reference number