Boat Trailer Parking

From 1 October 2016, boat trailers will no longer be able to park continuously for extended periods of time on streets within the North Sydney Council area.

Changes have been made to the Impounding Act 1993 which restricts the time period that a boat trailer may park for a continuous period.

In response to growing community concerns about the impacts of boat trailer parking, North Sydney Council has resolved to declare the whole of the North Sydney Local Government Area as a “Declared Area” under this legislation.

This means that in the North Sydney Council area, a boat trailer cannot remain in the same place for more than 28 days.

Boat trailers that are moved, must move at least as far as a different block section of the same street.

Council may take action to have a boat trailer impounded if it does not move within 28 days.

Please note, Council must provide a minimum of 15 days notice of intention to impound a trailer before taking further action.


More Information

Please refer to the Office of Local Govt (OLG) link below.

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