Digital Resident Parking Permits

From Monday 12 April 2021, residents applying for a new Resident Parking Permit may have a “digital” permit issued*

No more permit stickers leaving residue on your windscreen and needing to be swapped every year.

No waiting around for permits to print, or to arrive in the mail.

Simply submit your application form as normal to Customer Service with your payment and the system will be updated with your registration details.

This information will be available the next day for our Parking Officers in the field when they are doing their rounds.

Too easy!


*Some permits may still be issued as physical permits, for example Shared Permits and permits with stated Terms and Conditions.

For any assistance or help, go to our Resident & Visitor Parking web information area or call us on (02) 9936 8100.

Posted on 12 April 2021

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