Area 21

Following public consultation and consideration by the North Sydney Traffic Committee, North Sydney Council has adopted the following recommendation for Resident Parking Area 21. Minutes of Traffic Committee dated 26 July 2019 and Council’s reports dated 26 August 2019 can be found here:


4.05: North Sydney - Parking Area 21 - Parking Restrictions Survey Results (823KB)

Traffic Commitee Minutes link (191KB)


1. THAT Council adopt the attached parking restriction recommendations for North Sydney Parking Area 21.

2. THAT Council notify the residents before installing the parking restriction changes in North Sydney Parking Area 21.

3. THAT the new parking restrictions be reviewed six (6) months after the date of installation in North Sydney Parking Area 21.


The abovementioned recommendation impacts the parking in Carlow Street - please see map below.


CARLOW STREET on the southern side between Miller Street and Cassins Lane:

1. FROM:   10 Minute Parking 8:30am–10am & 4pm–6pm Mon – Fri

    TO:        10 Minute Parking 8:30am–10am & 4pm–6pm Mon – Fri

                  2 Hour Parking 10am – 4pm Mon–Fri

                  Permit Holders Excepted Area 21

2. FROM:  Unrestricted Parking

    TO:       2 Hour Parking 8:30am – 6pm Mon – Fri

                 Permit Holders Excepted Area 21