Young St & Grosvenor Lane

Following public consultation and consideration by the North Sydney Traffic Committee, North Sydney Council has adopted the following recommendations:



1. THAT the existing No Stopping (L) sign on the eastern side of Young Street south of Belgrave Street be relocated 5 metres to the south.



1. THAT the existing loading zone and 15-minute parking on the northern side of Grosvenor Lane east of Young Street be relocated 5 metres to the east.

2. THAT Seven (7) 15-minute parking spaces be installed on the northern side of the proposed Grosvenor Lane shared zone east of Young Lane.

Please see this plan: Young St & Grosvenor Lane (223KB)


It is expected that these changes will occur shortly, within the next three weeks.

Further information can be found on Council’s website or by contacting Council on 9936 8100 or email


Council appreciates your co-operation in this matter.


Yours faithfully

Nathan Wu

Traffic and Transport Engineer

20 August 2019