Green Street

Council has received correspondence concerning difficulties with delivery trucks and emergency vehicles accessing the service road in Green Street, due to vehicles parked at an angle next to the driveway at 5 Green Street.

According to the Australian Road Rules, angle parking is currently illegal at this location, unless otherwise signposted.


In order to formalise angle parking while maintaining adequacy access for emergency vehicles, it is proposed that two 60-degree angle parking spaces and one motorbike only parking space be signposted east of the driveway to 5 Green Street. 

The above proposal has been approved by North Sydney Traffic Committee under Traffic Delegation Authority. It is expected that these changes will occur shortly, within the next three weeks (of 4 Sep 2018).

All enquiries regarding this proposal should be directed to Council’s Traffic Section on telephone 9936 8100.  Council appreciates your co-operation in this matter.


Yours faithfully

Nathan Wu