Sustainable Transport Initiatives

Resident Parking Permits

We have different fees for resident parking permits, based on the environmental impact of the vehicle, including the fuel consumption, greenhouse rating, and air pollution rating of the vehicle. Thus, smaller low-fuel consumption vehicles are charged a lower fee for resident parking permits, and larger vehicles with higher fuel consumption, are charged a higher fee for resident parking permits.

This highlights to residents the environmental impact of their motor vehicle, and encourages them to own vehicles which have a lesser impact on the environment, find out more: Resident & Visitor Permits


Bike Lockers and Bike Parking

Council has bicycle lockers and bike parking (racks) at various key nodal points. The intent of this is to provide destination parking for bikes and to encourage the community to consider riding bikes particularly for shorter distances of less than 5km. More information


Motorbike Parking

Council views motorbikes as an alternative to the single occupancy motor vehicle (with preference to public transport, walking and cycling). Between 2005 and 2009 Council progressively increased the number of motorbike parking spaces in the area by over 100%. This was achieved:

  1. When installing new marked metered parking at the appropriate Australian Standard lengths, or remarking the existing metered parking, there is often a small amount of road space left over at the end. This small space is made into motorbike parking.
  2. Where two driveways are close together, residents will often request that No Parking restrictions be placed across the two driveways. The space between the two driveways is often too small for a car, however it can accommodate one or two motorbike parking spaces.
  3. Other small pieces of road space are often too small for a car, however it can accommodate one or two motorbike parking spaces.

Council will continue to look for opportunities to expand the motorbike parking network, however this will be balanced with the need for other types of parking.  If you can identify specific locations, where there is currently not enough room for a motor vehicle to park (ie less than 5.4 metres and at least 1.2 metres), please forward your suggestions to Council ( so that they can be investigated.


Car Share

North Sydney Council supports Car Share programs. Car sharing provides residents with 24/7 access to a number of vehicles parked nearby. Once residents have joined the service, they can book vehicles for as little as an hour via their phone or the internet. Members enjoy all the benefits of a car without the hassle and expense of owning one and they only pay for a car when they use it. Find out more on car share in North Sydney


Council Fleet

  • Council has progressively, from 2009 onwards, replaced existing trucks with Hybrid trucks.
  • Council has purchased 16 Hybrid trucks to replace normal trucks in the fleet: each of these saves over 30% in total fuel consumption, thus not only is there a very significant reduction in emissions, the trucks actually pay for the extra Hybrid purchase price through the fuel savings across its life. This means the emissions saving is effectively costing Council nothing.
  • All new trucks purchased comply with Euro 3 and (preferably) Euro 4 requirements, plus have catalytic converters.
  • Ongoingly Council has moved to a fleet of vehicles that is generally smaller than previously.
  • Where hybrid vehicles are not an option - ie. a wagon or larger sedan is required - we now purchase diesel vehicles where possible (for their very low comparative consumption), resulting in a 15-20% saving in emissions per vehicle.