Bushland & Wildlife


Our bushland is under threat from many urban pressures such as weeds, pollution, dumping and encroachment.

Bushland Rehab Plans

Our plans consider the broad issues involved and suggest processes to manage the threats.

Native Havens

Create habitat for local wildlife and connect our fragmented bushland reserves.


Urban wildlife has become a significant management challenge as increased urbanisation impacts upon wildlife habitat.


Biological diversity, or biodiversity, points out the importance of the variety of species. Learn more...

Biosecurity Weeds

Learn which plants are weeds, how to identify them, and their risk.

North Sydney Weed Profiles

Find our more information about North Sydney weeds here.

Bushland & Fire in North Sydney

Our Bushland team actively undertakes hazard reduction activities, you have a role to play too.

Bush Walks

Go for a bush walk in our area - find out where, and transport access plus historical information.