Building Bridges to Boorowa

Volunteers have been taking the Bushcare bus to Boorowa since 2000!

These enthusiastic workers join our Bushcare team to revegetate degraded farmland, alongside our partners Boorowa Community Landcare Group (BCLG).

This annual tree planting weekend was originally initiated to help provide habitat for the vulnerable Superb Parrot (Polytelis swainsonii) and then later to assist BCLG address significant areas of salinity and erosion.

It's estimated that more 40,000 trees, shrubs and groundcovers have been planted by volunteers over the period 2000-2015.

A bird survey sponsored by Council in 2014 recorded around 60 different birds species in the areas of activity. These newly planted areas have been shown to provide habitat and act as wildlife corridors for fauna other than the Superb Parrot. Tree lanes and paddock plantings also provide shelter for ewes during lambing, act as windbreaks, and stabilise excessive soil runoff. 

The Building Bridges to Boorowa Program is a unique opportunity for city dwellers to influence environmental issues of national significance.

This working weekend can often be challenging, conditions very cold, wet and muddy, however the feeling of completing vast plantings in a single weekend dispel any hardship.

Each year, volunteers feedback on how much they enjoy meeting rural folk and learning about the production of the food we consume. And all appreciate country hospitality. Some life long friendships have been forged through this city-rural partnership.

In 2015, North Sydney Council was awarded the NSW Landcare Award for Government Partnerships with Landcare Groups and was a nominee for the National Landcare Awards.

Check out the fun in our Facebook photos below (2014), and if you would like to be part of this award winning program, please contact the Bushland Management Coordinator on 9936 8100.

Newsletter 2015 - 15yrs Building Bridges to Boorowa (1MB)

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