Bushland & Fire in North Sydney

Bushfires are naturally occurring events in the bushland around Sydney. In fact, they are essential to the health and long-term sustainability of our remnant bushland areas. The life-cycles of our native plants and wildlife that inhabit these bushland reserves are well adapted to cope with fire, providing it conforms with particular ecosystem requirements of intensity and length of time between burns.

In the context of North Sydney Council's bushland reserve system, managed (or prescribed) burning is used to meet both ecological objectives of bush regeneration and hazard reduction to adjoining assets - namely residential housing. While the risk of a wildfire damaging property or threatening life is relatively low in North Sydney, North Sydney Council's Bushland Management Team actively undertakes hazard reduction activities including modification of vegetation structure; creation of fire access management zones; manual fuel reduction; pile burning; and broad area burning.

It is important to remember that residents who live in the interface zone immediately adjacent to bushland are responsible for ensuring that their own properties are prepared for the unlikely event of a wildfire.

While the overall amount of bushland and it's predominant vegetative composition minimises the risk of a truly damaging bushfire event occurring in North Sydney, the difficulty of access for emergency service personnel and potentially slower response times caused by traffic and site accessibility are important factors to consider.  To ensure your home is prepared, visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website below.


Trees are Protected

Native vegetation, including trees are protected in ALL Council managed bushland reserves. It is an offence for residents/members of the public to interfere in any way with bushland vegetation without the explicit authority of Council.

If you are concerned about bushland vegetation adjoining your home, please contact Council's Bushland Management Coordinator on 9936 8224 for assistance.


Bushfire Hazard Reduction Program 2015

North Sydney Council, in cooperation with the NSW Fire Brigades and the Manly, Mosman, and North Sydney Bushfire Management Committee, will be implementing controlled hazard reduction burns in several North Sydney Council bushland reserves during the period July 2014 to June 2015.

The burns have been approved under the region's Bushfire Hazard Reduction Program 2014/15 and will be carried out jointly by NSW Fire & Rescue and Council's Bushland Management Staff.

Council will endeavour to provide local residents with a minimum of two-days notice prior to conducting burning operations, however, the need to exploit favourable weather conditions may necessitate a reduced notification period.

Details of the 2015 Hazard Reduction Burn Program are available below.

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