Bushland Reserve Walks

Bushland Reserves

Remnant bushland in North Sydney is precious and worth visiting...

Bushwalk Guides

To visit our remnant bushland use our handy guides...

Badangi Bushland Reserve

Aboriginal people would have frequented the bushland of this area and the fresh water creek that once ran through this bushland.

Balls Head Bushland Reserve

Balls Head was the original foreshore land included in the large Wollstonecraft Estate.

Berry Island Bushland Reserve

In the early 19th century, this small island was attached to the property of Edward Wollstonecraft on the mainland by a stone causeway over mud flats.

Cremorne Point Reserve

There are great places along the western side of the Point for picnics with views across the harbour.

Primrose Park

Willoughby Falls, Aboriginal rock art, and superb views...

Smoothey Park & Gore Cove Reserve

These form integral parts of an open space corridor that extends from Newlands Park in Lane Cove, south to the harbour foreshore.