Bushland & Fauna Plans

In 1995, North Sydney Council adopted a generic Plan of Management for all Bushland Reserves which considered the broad issues involved and suggested processes to overcome and manage any threats.

Bushland Plan of Management 

Thereafter it is now cyclically updated.

In early 2002, Bushland Rehabilitation and Fauna Rehabilitation Plans were adopted for Middle Harbour and Port Jackson catchments. Thus specific goals for each reserve are created by looking at individual issues and devising ways to limit the threats, conserve existing biodiversity, and rehabilitate degraded areas.

(Creating these Plans was made possible by funding from Council's Environmental Levy.)


Middle Harbour catchment - Bushland Rehabilitation Plan

Introduction (270KB)

Brightmore Reserve (582KB)

Wonga Road Reserve (359KB)

Primrose Park Bushland (759KB)

Mortlock Reserve (340KB)

Tunks Park Bushland (465KB)

Appendices & Bibliography (158KB)


Port Jackson catchment - Bushland Rehabilitation Plans

Introduction (115KB)

Smoothey Park Gore Cove Reserve (186KB)

Berry Island Reserve (148KB)

Badangi Reserve (205KB)

Balls Head Reserve (199KB)

Forsyth Park (90KB)

Cremorne Reserve (120KB)


Middle Harbour catchment - Fauna Rehabilitation Plans

Introduction - Section 1 & 2 (317KB)

Tunks Park Bushland (225KB)

Mortlock Reserve (193KB)

Primrose Park (291KB)

Brightmore Reserve (252KB)

Wonga Road Bushland (207KB)

Complete Document (1MB)


Port Jackson catchment - Fauna Rehabilitation Plan 

Introduction (196KB)

Cremorne Point (441KB)

Forsyth Park (510KB)

Balls Head Reserve (327KB)

Berry Island Reserve (189KB)

Oyster Cove (490KB)

Smoothey Park / Gore Cove Bushland (562KB)