Native Animals

Identify the sometimes 150+ species seen in our area, with links to more info.

Nest Boxes

These imitate a natural tree hollow: purchase one from us or make your own.

Native Gardens

Your garden could provide a safe haven for wildlife, with food, shelter, look-out spots, nesting sites and safe areas to raise young.

Wildlife Watch

Contribute your observations to programs that protect local wildlife.

Wildlife Corridors

They provide shelter, food and protection from predators by linking bushland areas.

Fox Control

Twice a year, dogs & cats are excluded from fox-baited areas, check here.

Indian or Common Mynas

Recognised as one of the most invasive animals in the world...

Injured Wildlife

Injured or orphaned native animal? Contact a wildlife rescue organisation straightaway.

Wildlife Protection Areas

Wildlife Protection Areas - information for residents and pet owners living near bushland

Feeding Birds and other Wildlife

Advice on this practice, the potential problems and other issues.