Native Animals

We encounter animals and birds, hear their calls, or find other signs of them in our bushland reserves, parks, in our backyards...

A broad diversity of fauna is an important component for healthy functioning ecosystems.

Different fauna species provide a range of ecosystem services, from pollination of plants, seed dispersal and subsequent promotion of plant diversity to litter decomposition and nutrient recycling.

The greater the diversity of vegetation and number of vegetation communities, the greater the habitat potential to support a diverse range of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. The more diverse the vegetation and fauna habitat, the more self-regulatory and healthy the ecosystem will be.

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Wildlife Watch and Bird Surveys

The North Sydney Council Continuing Bird Survey 2008 recommends engaging the community in carrying out regular bird surveys in North Sydney bushland reserves to help conserve local wildlife.

If you are interested in local native wildlife read about the Wildlife Watch Program, or please contact our Bushland Project Officer on 9936 8100, email

Nestboxes are also available from Council's Customer Service Centre.


Local Native Animals

Below is a list of local native mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds, bees and butterflies, as well as some exotic species. Each species name links to an external website for more information and photos. Download local fauna list including Wildlife Watch codes.


Fishing/Water Birds

Birds of Prey

Other Birds






  • Lasioglossum bicingulatum
  • Lasioglossum peraustrale


Exotic Species

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