Native Fauna

In 2010, a Natural Area Survey was carried out by P&J Smith Ecological Consultants to review the native vegetation, flora and fauna of the North Sydney local government area. A total of about 49ha of bushland has been identified and mapped, representing less than 5% of the total land area of the LGA.

As a result of the survey 190 native terrestrial vertebrate species have been recorded in North Sydney, including 4 frog species, 20 reptile species, 148 bird species and 18 mammal species.

Eighteen species have been recorded that are listed as threatened species under Commonwealth or NSW legislation. However, three of these are now locally extinct, 11 are only rare visitors to North Sydney, and one, the Red-crowned Toadlet, was recorded on only one occasion in an urban area well away from any bushland, suggesting that it had escaped or been released from captivity. The other three species, the Powerful Owl, Grey-headed Flying-fox and Eastern Bent-wing Bat, occur more regularly in North Sydney and are the species of greatest conservation concern in the area.

Listed below are each of North Sydney's 13 bushland reserves with all native animals that occur on each site:

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