Noise - Who can Help

Noise in the Community

Noise in the community has a variety of sources. Some of these sources are controlled by the  Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), some by local councils, some by the police, and some by the Roads and Martime Services (RMS).

Noise Source Who Can Help
Large industrial complexes   OEH  
Smaller factories, backyard workshops   Local council  
Kingsford Smith (Sydney) Airport and aircraft in flight   National Noise Enquiry Line 1300 302 240  
Aircraft on the ground at private and local council operated airports   Local council  
Road construction:
. freeways, tollways
. main roads
. other roads  

Local council  
Road traffic:
. freeways, tollways and main roads
. local roads  

Local council  
Rail transport   Transport information line 131500 or OEH  
Naval vessels, container and passenger ships   Ports Corporations  
Individual motor vehicles (including trail bikes) in a public place:
. roads
. parks, reserves, etc  

Police or OEH
Police or local council  
Motor sports facilities, gun, rifle, pistol clubs   Local council  
Sporting facilities (other than boating events)   Local council  
Ships, boats or pleasure craft, jet skis   RMS  
Building construction   Local council  
Shop ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment, etc.   Local council  
Amplified music from:
. commercial premises
. residential premises  

Local council or Police
See Domestic Noise table below
Concert facilities   Local council  
Noise in public places: animal noise, barking dogs, crowing roosters Note: Roosters are not permitted in the North Sydney Area)   Local council or Police  
Burglar or intruder alarms: private homes, shops and small factories   Local council  
Car alarms   Local council or Police; Australian Car Alarm Traders Assoc hotline (02) 9713 2081 or OEH  


Domestic Noise

Time restrictions when noise is audible inside a neighbour's residence.

Noise Source on
residential premises
Time Restrictions Contact

Power tools and equipment
(powered garden tools eg.
lawn mowers, leaf blowers;
electric or pneumatic tools;
chainsaws or circular saws;
gas or air compressors;
swimming pool or spa pumps)


8pm to 7am on weekdays and Saturdays

8pm to 8am on Sundays and public holidays


Local council or Police


Musical instruments and sound equipment
(eg. radios, TVs, tape recorders,
record or CD players, public address systems, computer games)

(a) before 8am and after midnight on any Friday, Saturday or day immediately before a public holiday, or (b) before 8am and after 10pm on any other day.  

Local council or Police




10pm to 7am on weekdays

10pm to 8am on weekends and public holidays


Local council


Motor vehicles
(except when entering or
leaving residential premises)


8pm to 7am on weekdays

8pm to 8am on weekends and public holidays


Local council or Police


Refrigeration units fitted to motor vehicles


8pm to 7am on weekdays

8pm to 8am on weekends and public holidays


Local council or Police


Outside these hours, restrictions can be placed on using these articles if they cause offensive levels of noise. Restrictions can be placed by issuing prevention notices, noise control notices or noise abatement directions under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. Penalty notices for individuals breaching the legislation are $200 for individuals or $400 for corporations. The maximum penalty that a court can imposeis $5,500 for individuals and $11,000 for corporations. 


On the Spot Fines

An on-the-spot fine of $200 can be imposed on anyone who continues to make noise after being directed to stop by an OEH officer, the police, the Roads and Maritime, or a local council officer, or who makes noise within 28 days of such a Noise Abatement Direction.

For other offences under the Noise Control Regulations, a $200 on-the-spot fine may be incurred. Generally to be guilty of an offence a person has to have been warned within seven days after making the noise. A repeated episode within 28 days of the warning can incur an on-the-spot fine.


Contact Numbers

For further information you can contact your local North Sydney Council - 9936 8100 or the following:

  • Department of Environment and Conservation -Pollution Line: 131 555 (local call cost)
  • Airservices Australia -National Noise Enquiry Line: 1300 302 240
  • Roads and Traffic Authority - Phone: 131 782 (local call cost)
  • NSW Maritime, Rozelle office -Phone: 9563 8511
  • Sydney Region Community Justice Centre on (02) 9262 7844 or 1800 671 964