Garden Competition

Avid gardeners and proud green thumbs show their creative flair each year in the North Sydney Garden Competition...


2019 Categories & Winners

Hosted by Costa Georgiadis

Photo Gallery of all Gardens 2019

Winners presentation 2019 (23MB)


2018 Categories & Winners

Hosted by Costa Georgiadis

Winners presentation 2018  (44MB)


2017 Winners and Presentation

Hosted by Costa Georgiadis

Photo Gallery of all Gardens 2017 (58MB)

Winners presentation 2017 (23MB)


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Category 1 - Most beautiful balcony
Small spaces that have had their garden potential maximised through pots and planter boxes.

Category 2 - Most beautiful courtyard
Pots, planter boxes, ornaments, walled gardens. Areas where gardeners are often challenged by limited space and lots of hard surfaces.

Category 3 - Most environmentally friendly garden
Demonstrating environmental awareness and creating wildlife habitats. Using recycled materials or using sustainable gardening practices. Show the judge how you are doing your bit for the environment.

Category 4 - Most beautiful commercial garden
Schools, hotels, retirement villages, shops and apartment buildings where more than 50% of the gardening work is carried out by professionals.

 Category 5 - Most beautiful garden

Division 5A – Single Dwelling Garden

Division 5B – Shared or multi-dwelling Gardens where more than 50% of the gardening work is carried out by residents.

Category 6 - The Lex and Ruby Graham Prize

For the most beautiful public area maintained by residents. For outstanding contribution made by volunteers to a public area.

Division 6A – Individual

Division 6B - Group

Category 7 - Best children’s garden

Created or cared for by a child or group of children.

Category 8 - Best Urban Forest Garden

Recognising gardeners that place the focus on trees and canopy cover rather than the ground level. Providing shade, habitat and atmospheric purification for the whole community.

Category 9 - Best Edible Garden

A balcony herb garden through to a full-blown vegetable patch or orchard: any garden that features edible product.

            Division 9A – Private

            Division 9B – Community