Harvest North Sydney

What is Harvest North Sydney?

Harvest North Sydney is a community sustainable food project that provides residents and workers of North Sydney with the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge to set up their own food gardens and increase their understanding of sustainable food. A small group of 20 participants are selected every year based on their commitment to build a food garden in North Sydney and showcase their project to others, inspiring them to join the sustainable food movement.




What does Harvest North Sydney hope to achieve?

  1. To increase community engagement and community capacity in growing food
  2. to increase local food production and consumption
  3. to reduce food waste going to landfill.

What does it involve?

Harvest North Sydney is a structured program of seed to table workshops, with optional extras of farm tours, farmers talks and produce market tours with the aim of increasing local food production and consumption through a combination of community engagement and capacity building.

As community champions participants are required to:

  • start a garden of your own and keep a record
  • showcase achievements and spread the word
  • final presentation to the group.

Over the past three years, Harvest champions showcased their work to our community in the following ways:

  • started a verge garden outside their unit block
  • took their newfound skills and knowledge to a school/preschool
  • held workshops for friends
  • started food gardens on common property in their apartment blocks
  • holding a brunch using produce from the newly planted garden.


What the 2014 Harvest participants have said about Harvest North Sydney...

This has been one of the best experiences, thank you so much for investing time and resources in me. It really is appreciated.

Thanks Danielle and Toni for giving up your weekends to run the course, I thought it was really worthwhile and it has changed the way I do things on a daily basis-including growing my own food and shopping for produce.

I found the course most inspiring. I wished everyone in Australia could have had that same experience. I feel privileged indeed! Toni's enthusiasm and passion for her subject was indeed infectious.


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Further Information

Please contact our Sustainability Education Officer on 9936 8100 or email sustainabilityeducation@northsydney.nsw.gov.au