At Home

Saving Water

The low-down on water conservation, from rainwater tanks to water-wise washing.

Saving Power

Come on and power through some easy ways to cut energy use!

Buying Green

Help the environment when you buy groceries, food, fish. Use these resources/apps.

Greener Gardening & Composting

Gardening for the eco-wise, plus tips on growing your own fresh food, and composting.

Natural Cleaning

Some of the chemicals used in our homes can be damaging to our health, the air, soil and waterways. Find some alternative cleaning methods here.

Better Buildings

Create a sustainable home with clever building design, landscaping and renovating ideas.

Sustainable Technology

Discounts on the installation of solar panels, hot water and rainwater tanks, and switching to GreenPower.


Get around our local area in an environmentally-friendly manner with cycling maps and tips on how to cut down vehicle use.

My Green Apartment

This Program works with apartment owners, building and strata managers, to create more energy-efficient apartment buildings.

Green Plumbing

If you're in business, a green plumber can provide advice on appliances that use water more efficiently...

Keeping Chickens

There are lots of great reasons to keep chickens, but there are also some regulations to keep in mind.