Green Plumbing

If you're in business, a green plumber can provide advice on appliances that use water more efficiently and also on components such as water-saving taps and flow restrictors. They can also estimate short and long term costs of water-efficient appliances.


Green Plumbing Tips

  • Regularly replace washers and check for leaks.
  • Install a heat pump or solar hot water system. Many electric hot water heaters can be retrofitted with solar panels. Rebates are available.
  • Avoid cleaning grease traps or putting oils down the drain. Keep used oils and grease in a lidded container such as an empty paint tin and dispose of it in the next chemical clean-up collection. Call 1300 787 870 or check here for the next FREE chemical collection in our area.
  • Shield drains from chemical spills or building material sediment.
  • Avoid sweeping cigarette butts into drains.
  • Consider installing waterless urinals.
  • Consider installing a rainwater tank. Rainwater can be used to flush toilets and for irrigation. It can also be used to supplement the mains water supply, providing you have approval from Sydney Water.
  • Install low-flow or lever taps.
  • Insulate your water pipes. You'll get hot water faster plus avoid wasting water while it heats up.
  • Choose an accredited green plumber for all maintenance work.

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