Planning for Renewable Energy Systems

Is Development Consent required for Solar Photovoltaic systems or Solar Hot Water systems?

Hot-water heat-pumps are a form of solar hot-water system, and are at least as efficient as roof-mounted solar hot water systems, and especially those with CO2 as the refrigerant gas. Heat pumps do not require any consent. See our Fact sheet on planning for solar energy on the Smart Energy Future Homepage.


Need Ideas for Energy Use in Apartment Buildings?

Checkout our Futureproofing Apartments program for 2020, and beyond. There are ways to join in to save money and reduce carbon emissions.


Planning Guidelines related to Solar panel Installation

In most cases it is possible to install a solar PV system without Council consent if the following conditions are met:

  • trees are not removed or substantially trimmed
  • the planned system will be less than 10 kW capacity in a residential zone
  • property is not in a 'heritage conservation area'.

If you are in a 'heritage conservation area', then

  • the system must be located so that the solar panels are 'not attached to a wall or roof facing a primary road'.

In all other instances, Council consent will be required.

If you are still unsure about planning issues related to installing solar AFTER you have read the above links, please ring our Planning Dept on 9936 8100


Further Information

Email the Sustainability Programs Coordinator, or call on 9936 8100.

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