How Can we Help your School?


How we can help you

If you are a school in the North Sydney local government area you are entitled to access the service of Council's schools-based program.

The service provides tailored advice to local schools on how to reduce waste, energy use, water use, buy (or generate!) renewable power, or perhaps your school even wants to go completely carbon neutral?

Our school-based program will assist you on your journey and provide you with resources and guidance, identify opportunities, and help you create action plans.

Currently, the school program comprises three core programs:

  1. Green School Grant Program
  2. School Environmental Network
  3. Coal Loader School Excursions

And of course you may have your own ideas or initiatives to implement at your school - please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can assist you!


Get in touch

Let's meet and run through what your school's sustainability objectives are, and how we can help you meet them, contact Sustainability Education Officer on tel: 9936 8398 or email