Green Power

Switch off Climate Change, Switch to Green Power


GreenPower: buy accredited renewable energy for your electricity needs 

Buy 100% GreenPower accredited renewable energy and you could cut your household emissions by up to 50% and reduce your impact on climate change immediately.

The national GreenPower accreditation program ensures renewable energy bought and sold by your energy provider conforms to strict environmental standards.

Buy GreenPower through any retailer and you will:

  • cut your greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduce your contribution to climate change
  • buy energy which has not used native forest wood waste in biomass (organic matter) generators
  • buy energy which has not involved redirection of environmental water flows in rivers

Run by the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA governments, GreenPower's renewable energy generators that have been commissioned or built since the program started in 1997, are helping to develop the renewable energy sector and drive demand for greener energy.

The effect of buying GreenPower is immediate and, as long as you aim to reduce your energy consumption as well, will not cost you a great deal more than what you are currently paying.

North Sydney Council supports GreenPower, purchasing 50% GreenPower for street lighting and main energy using facilities including North Sydney Olympic Pool and North Sydney Council Cambers.


Find out more

To compare prices of GreenPower products, contact not-for-profit consumer association Choice on 02 9577 3399 or log onto

To compare the environmental credentials of green electricity product, visit Green Electricity Watch at (an independent website run by a consortium of environment groups).

You can also phone your electricity provider to ask what GreenPower accredited products they have and contact GreenPower by calling 1300 852 688 or visit